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for ROMANTIC souls LIVING in a MODERN world "


Nan, a seasoned storyteller and experienced photographer, boasts a diverse background as a senior cross-disciplinary lifestyle features editor. In her editorial role, she collaborated with brands across various industries, including renowned names such as FIAT and ABSOLUT VODKA. Additionally, Nan has conducted exclusive interviews with legendary singer Jacky Cheung, the queen of Nine-Ball Xiaoting Pan, and leaders in various industries. Her seamless navigation of different realms of creativity and her ability to capture the essence of both brands and personalities contribute to her versatile and unique perspective in the world of photography.


After earning an MFA in Photography in San Francisco, Nan immersed herself in the photography industry, specializing in film photography and darkroom techniques. Her large-format film and historic photography portfolio has graced multiple galleries, been incorporated into teaching materials by graduate mentors, and received nominations for various portrait photography awards. Nan continues to infuse her wealth of experiences into her wedding photography work, creating distinctive visual and storytelling experiences for each client. Among the many clients, Hollywood's top 50 Asian film actress Ran Wei is also one of Nan's esteemed clients. Nan captured stunning engagement photos for Ran Wei and her fiancé, creating a breathtaking visual narrative. Additionally, Nan produced and filmed a captivating 4-minute documentary for her.


Jamie, holding a Ph.D. in Economics, contributes a strategic perspective to the studio's long-term development. Devoted to overseeing the management and strategic direction of Another Lu Photography, she ensures a comprehensive service experience for clients. Jamie's role is pivotal in striking the perfect balance between the investment and returns for every client in the realm of photography. Her efforts guarantee that Another Lu Photography excels both creatively and operationally, offering clients an impeccable photography journey.


Moments aren't merely captured here; each frame is carefully refined to craft unique and precious photographic memories for you. Wherever you are in California or beyond, Another Lu Photography looks forward to shaping a visual story that is uniquely yours.

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We want your wedding pictures to be as unique, en-chanting, and authentic as you and your love. We wish to create picture-perfect content for you to cherish for years to come. We would be very happyto schedule a meeting with you via video call or see you in person to discuss your dream wedding vision, ideas, and wishes.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me in case of any queries or suggestions regarding this pricing guide or your wedding day.

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